Technical Training

The different technical trainings offered by Professional Training Solutions range from all kinds of mechanic, electric and electronic professions up to the combination of all in the mechatronic. It can be differentiated between short term training directly linked to the very specific needs of each company and mostly suitable for existing employees with basic work experience, and vocational training, educating e.g. school graduates in order to teach the profession without any previous know-how or skills.

Whereas the short term training can be build a 100% to the requirements of a certain activity in the company, it is recommended to use a proven vocational training and adjust this to the specific needs of the customer. The vocational training of Professional Training Solutions is based on the German Dual-Vocational Training System, one of its kind in the world bringing out high standard of craftsmen.

Taking this as a framework, all technical vocational trainings have the same foundation of a thorough education in theory combined with the transfer of practical skills. A core in the concept is the technical training of all students in mechanic as well as electric and electronic basics. This enables the trainees to gain a basic know-how and understand the technical relations between these fields before choosing their specialisation.

The high level of practical and theoretical instruction qualifies graduates to solve complex problems related, e.g. to production machinery, heavy duty vehicles, cars, and farming vehicles as well as electrical & electronical machinery and equipment. Depending on the conditions met on site, the practical training should ideally be conducted partly in the school and partly in the industry in a practical attachment. This would be the process according to the German standard. At the end of a two to three years training the students join the industry as practically experienced workers.

In order to reach a sustainable status of the training the know how of our German experts is transferred to the local instructors over the project runtime for them to carry on. This is an important aspect of our services and one of our unique selling propositions.

Customized Training

At the core of Professional Training Solutions philosophy stands the wish to empower our clients success. Therefore, individual solutions are essential. We believe that every industry and company has its own specifications and challenges. Thus in the Training Needs Analysis we sit together with our customer to find out about these specifications to customize the training and education solutions accordingly.

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