Our Training solutions are closely aligned to the requirements of the customer. In order to define these requirements it is advisable to execute a Training Needs Analysis and Audit before any project. The results are used to create the right training strategy, which is an important prerequisite for a successful project implementation. The skills of the Professional Training Solutions team enable the project to be under one roof, with expertise in training and education in Africa, the set-up and management of training projects as well as a deep intercultural understanding, which is essential to the project’s sustainability. This enables Professional Training Solutions to not only support our customers in the project‘s feasibility study and planning phase but offer an holistic approach to accompany you along the way to a high standard training and education solution. Our consulting portfolio includes business planning for vocational training and education schools, auditing of existing training centres with report of potentials for optimization, infrastructure consulting, the creation of a customized training strategy, as well as the management throughout the project.

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