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In order to grow and achieve a competitive market position more and more companies are active all over the world. The importance of the African Continent in this aspect is predicted to increase significantly in the coming years.

There are different reasons for that. One is the rapid growth of some economies in Africa. Out of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world, 5 are African (see recent KPMG / Handelsblatt Study, on “Africa, Hype or Market”, published 2015). This comes with a development of a huge middle class in terms of people. Here KPMG study states the middleclass in Africa to exceed 325 Million people by now, with further potential.

This middle class results in a growing sales market for consumer products; which more and more international companies do see. The raising number of Foreign Direct Investments, sums up to an amount of 520 billion US Dollars since 2000, says KPMG.

Also in terms of human resources Africa is predicted to take an important role in the next decades. As the demografic change and multicultural economies are in need of more and diversified employees, the high and young population of Africa becomes more and more attractive. In order to fill the gap of require personnel and workforce, African employees will become more and more attractive for the European and American labour market. And the low salary levels in the African countries can even catalyse corporate decisions of establishing assembly or production sites in African countries.

An important prerequisite for the utilization of this potential is the right skill set of the workforce. But one major challenge here is the lack or mismatch of skills in the majority of the African countries nowadays.

Professional Training Solutions has set its mission to empower companies, syndicates and even corporate associations, be it international or national, to overcome these difficulties by setting up training and education solutions in order to supply especially the technical work force, sales and after sales team with the right skills set.

Our Vision is to become the leading German company known in the market as reliable partner in terms of training and education solutions for international and national companies in Africa.

With the long term experience of training and education in developing countries and consulting of training strategy and projects as well as our outstanding intercultural competence Professional Training Solutions is looking forward to support your company, as we are

empowering your success.



Professional Training Solutions was founded by Annette Bauer, Managing Director of ITS International Training & Support GmbH, a training service provider of technical trainings for governmental institutions (for more information please visit

Realizing the growing demand of customized training solutions in Africa for corporate clients, Miss Bauer decided to expand the business through the new company, Professional Training Solutions GmbH. Taking the extensive knowledge and expertise from its ITS heritage the company caters to the specific training needs of the private sector.

Professional Training Solutions offers consulting services, concept creation, optimization and implementation support of individual training and education solutions for its customers.

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